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Welcome to Sabatini Media!


Here, you can watch some of our popular YouTube videos.  You can also download Train Simulator add ons, and much more!  We are always updating with new and exciting products.

When you become a member of our site, you will have access to Train Simulator add ons and our forum area.  Once a member, for to the forum area and post a note if you would like me to customize a train for you.  Or, you can also post a picture of yourself and we will put you into Train Simulator driving the train!  How cool is that?  So become a member now!  We are not allowed to charge for my trains but if you would like to make a donation for all our hard work, you can pay through Paypal.  We have placed a button on the side for donations. Thanks.


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Coming November 15!

Santa Barbara route for Railworks!



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